About us


We started our operations in 1949 and in the last fifteen years we have been one of the main customs agencies in volume of goods worked.

We are also the first customs agency in Latin America to obtain ISO 9001 Certification in all its processes.

We also have OEA Certification – Authorized Economic Operator, BASC and presence in the main ports nationwide.


Corporate Vision

Convert logistics into the competitive advantage of Latin American companies.



Our main objective is to manage customs operations that, according to the General Customs Law, allow meet the operational requirements of our Clients, providing a service with high added value.

Commitment to your company

As suppliers of CUSTOMS services we are deeply committed to our clients and we understand very clearly that the success of our operations means the success of our clients.

For this reason, we will not hesitate to make the best efforts to achieve high quality services at very competitive prices.

Strategic alliances

Our service proposal constitutes the complete administration of your operations , that is why we maintain strategic alliances with the different actors that participate in Commerce operations Exterior.


This integration, both of processes and of information, begins – in the case of imports – from the electronic transfer of purchase orders by the client, and their clearance from the documentation sent by the international freight forwarder, to the delivery of materials to the customer’s warehouse.


For export operations, the service includes the entire process, from the receipt of the instructions made by the client, to the shipment of the merchandise. For this we integrate with the shipping warehouse and the carrier in charge of the transfer.

The operation is controlled by our Integrated Management System, through indicators and implementation of quality, environment, health and safety management programs.